Mid Year Planning Retreat Part 1 - Reviewing the Strategic Plan

Our new board held a mid-year planning session (board retreat) this past weekend. I felt it was a productive meeting that went over where we are as a system and where we are headed both with curriculum as well as facility needs and growth. Here is a summary of the meeting from my perspective. It was an all day meeting so I'll break up my summary in three parts.


Our meeting started out with board reviewing the statistical scorecard that shows us where the system is in relationship to the Strategic Plan the board approved in 2016. The board had five goals with thirteen objectives to help guide the system decisions and demonstrate success.

It was pointed out during the presentation, there are actually 1500 data points and 240 measures that we look at. For each measure a statistical calculation, of three standard deviations from the mean, was used to set the upper and lower control limits. If a measure had at least three years of data, we would demonstrate above expectation performance if it was over that limit on the positive side and below expectations if performance was outside the set limit on the lower side. Ultimately, the data showed nine (9) "above expetations" and only two (2) "below expectations".

The board had opportunity to discuss and ask questions about the data. My question was related to picking out some of the more important measures and setting specific target goals to achieve in addition to the statistical 3 sigma calculation which provide a snapshot of where we stand compared to the past history of that measure.

If you want to review the scorecard, based off our objectives and measures in detail it can be found here on the Meeting Agenda Website Board Docs:


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