School Resource Officers in all Schools

We were awarded a State grant and added dedicated local police officers at each of our schools and development agreement outlining responsibilites so police can interact, teach, and development relationships with students, staff, and parents.

Enhanced Camera Systems and Security Locks

Many of our schools now have enhanced and additional security cameras that can be remotly monitored. We also approved a lock replacement project that is now using more secured and trackable electronic locks for many doors in our schools.

Security Vestibles and Fencing

Entrance vestibules were added to most schools and fencing was added to schools with multiple buildings to protect students and staff by preventing individuals from bypassing the main entrance to access school campus.  

Background Check Systems

Visitor check in programs were added to each school and background check systems were added for visitors, volunteers, and schools staff. 

School Policy Changes

School policy changes were improved that changed procedures to protect students and staff and how community can access school facilities for non school events. 

New Behavior Programs

New programs were implemented that focus on student behavior such as PBIS and attendence intervention programs. 

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