In December 2012, There was a dynamic change on the Board of Education.  Four out of seven seats were open for new individuals who had never held public office before. I was one of four brand new board members taking a seat on the Cabarrus County School Board.  We as a group developed a strong working relationship and brought a new perspective and ideas to the School Board. 


Along with the experienced members, we made great strides to improve relationships with Cabarrus County Commissioners and as a result were able to make it through difficult financial times and move the system forward in ways that hadn't been done before:


  • This board got replacement projects for aging Mount Pleasant Middle School and Royal Oaks Elementary School  off the ground and was able to gather support for a successful bond referendum in 2012. 

  • This board worked to provide raises to our support staff and teachers (40% increase in teacher supplement in three years) as had never been done in the past decade or more, worked to increase teacher planning time, initiated a Teacher Leader Program, and changed outdated policies to make Cabarrus County a more inviting place to work.

  • This board was able to navigate a Superintendent leadership transition with the hiring of an highly experienced, local, and well known and liked replacement in Dr. Chris Lowder.

  • This board approved magnet programs (STEM, IB, Language Immersion, Year Round School), 2nd Early College, and high school academies  that gave students and families choices and opportunities to engage in subjects relevant to them which also provide them a leg up with something in addition to a diploma to take with them at graduation.

  • This Board was also dedicated to safety and provided safety enhancements in rapid pace that included Security Vestibules, Fencing, Locks, Camera Systems, SROs, Background Check Systems, and initiated a Safety Committee to review programs, plans, and facility needs.

  • This board directed and approved numerous planning documents to help the system plan for the future including a new Strategic plan, a growth plan, a facility condition and needs study, a 10 year facilities plan as well as Title One Plan, New Teacher support plan among many others.

  • This board was able to get additional funding for technology needs of our school system and get closer to 1 to 1 student ratio of devices for students.

  • This board partnered with outside agencies for new Lockhart Early Childhood Preschool Center as well as Cabarrus CVB to get turf field at one of our high schools. 

  • This board has responded to growth is sensible ways making small redistricting changes, promoting magnet programs, and opening the first in the area Odell Elementary School dedicated to 3rd through 5th grade. 

  • This board has recognized achievements, impact, and dedication of former staff by approving naming of several facilities and playing fields and courts. 


These are important accomplishments and only happened because this board consists of members that are passionate about our school system and making it better and can work together and discuss issues, debate solutions, and effectively communicate the reasons or benefits of decisions that are made.